The Big Data Divide

October 15/16
Patti Ryan, CEO & Co-Founder of Health QR

Everyone’s got data how do we break down the walls to improve health?

“To really improve healthcare for Americans in the future, people must be given more power over their own health data,” stated, President Obama, speaking at the White House Frontiers Conference on Thursday. The US is far ahead of Canada-- our progress with eHealth has been slow and sporadic. Last year, the US began implementation of Stage 3 Meaningful Use, the requirement to provide patients with access to their data. While Canada is embracing going digital, there is still a struggle to have physicians adopt electronic medical records.  

While we wait for health care systems to integrate and provide patients with access to their information, patients have taken up digital health devices by the millions from blood glucose monitors to blood pressure cuffs to Fitbit devices. Juniper Research predicts global smart wearable device shipments will more than quadruple by 2017, reaching 116 million units, but chances are your doctor doesn’t want to see that data. There are legitimate issues about the quality of device data, the lack of standards applied to some of these devices and where to store the data. So, until the technology is greatly updated, and there is a streamlined way to get data to doctors in a meaningful way, these devices will remain “self-help” technology.

In the meantime, these devices continue to be powerful tools for patients to be informed partners in their care by using the data to quantify symptoms to their doctor. Rather than “I’ve been feeling a pain in my leg for the past two weeks”, perhaps your pain tracking app can help turn that into: “In the past two weeks, I’ve experienced flares of sharp pain in my right leg. It happens early in the morning after I get out of bed, lasts about an hour then slowly dissipates. This has happened 10 of the last 14 mornings, and every morning for the past 6 days. On a scale of one to ten, the pain has gone from a five to an eight over the two weeks I’ve been monitoring it.”

One day, self-monitoring tools will integrate with electronic health records and allow doctors to better understand a patient’s story. At Health QR, we have been encouraging individuals to take control of their health information since 2013. Our product, Your Health Report integrates with the healthcare system at the pharmacy, breaking down a bit of the wall and connecting prescription customers to both their medication profile and their pharmacist.

You can easily break down this wall today by downloading our app for free through IOS, Andriod or our app site,


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