November 08/16
Tim Winchester, Marketing Coordinator

As we work our way further into November, you’re probably noticing a lot more facial hair on the men around you. Specifically, a lot more moustaches.

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October 31/16
Nada Halaweh, Co-op Communications Assistant

One woman’s journey told through the eyes of her daughter.

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October 15/16
Patti Ryan, CEO & Co-Founder of Health QR

Everyone’s got data how do we break down the walls to improve health?

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July 08/16
Patti Ryan

Dear Minister, Last weekend we celebrated Canada’s birthday!  As we enter our 150th year as a nation, 36 Million citizens strong, let’s look forward. ‘Innovation’ is a frequently heard buzz word at the federal policy level these days and that has all sorts of people optimistically looking to our nations leaders to help us position our economy for growth.

As Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, you announced recently summer-long consultations to develop an Innovation Agenda that includes support for business innovation, research and tax measures that encourage growth.  This is an exciting and important announcement especially for regions like Atlantic Canada that struggle to build economic diversity.

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