Easily Maintain & Manage Your Health Records. 

Your Health Report is a secure, user-friendly mobile app that allows you to seamlessly view and manage your personal prescription records. 

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App Features

You can download Your Health Report FREE from the App Store or Google Play.

Easy + Convenient

Order refills, check prescribed dosages and have access to all your prescription info in one safe, secure place.


After 35 years, I had to switch doctors. During my consultation, I was able to bring up a list of my current medications on my smartphone and my new doctor could see what my current healthcare situation was.

- Gary
Scheduled Reminders

Stay on top of your prescriptions. Receive refills, prescription expiration and dosage notifications straight to your phone. Such as:

  • 7-10 day advanced notice that a refill is due.
  • 30 day warning notification of prescriptions expiry date.

Before Health QR, I was notorious for leaving refills to the last minute. Then I’d run out of meds and have to scramble to get a prescription filled. Now that never happens.

- Jack
Caregiver Support

Support elderly family members and young children by helping them manage their prescription information and dosage history.

On the Go

Access your prescription info and profile 24/7, quickly and easily during emergency situations, travel or relocation.

Medication Management

If you take prescription medications for your chronic health condition you want to be able to manage your medications in a safe and reliable way. Your Health Report provides you with accurate, reliable, easy to use dose notifications, adherence tracking and physician approved information for selected chronic diseases to help with your medication and disease management.

"It’s a lot easier to manage your medications this way than having pill containers or a reminder on a calendar."
- Holly - Patient with Crohn's Disease