Frequently Asked Questions

For Pharmacy Patients

Q: My account's saying it's not verified? How do I verify my account?
A: When your pharmacist connects your account to their pharmacy we will send you an email to verify your account. This email expires within 48hrs for security purposes and might be in your junk folder. If you miss this email please contact so we can resend your verification email.


Q: How do I request a refill for my prescriptions?
A: It’s easy. Five days in advance of your refill eligibility, a blue button will appear in the medication profile for that drug. You will receive an in-app and email notification when eligible to refill. Simply tap on the blue button and the refil is sent directly to your pharmacy. When it is ready you will receive a pick-up notification.


Q: How do I set up an account with Your Health Report/Alpha Pharmacy?
A: You can set up your account in a few ways; one is to  register at Heath QR at and then can visit a participating pharmacy to connect your account. The other way is to visit a participating pharmacy and ask them to send you a link to connect to your account. Thirdly, you can download our app on IOS and Android and register through that. Once your pharmacist connects your account to the pharmacy you will receive a verification email that will expire in 48 hrs. To ensure you get fully connected make sure you verify your account.


Q: Can I print off a list of my prescriptions?
A: Currently, you only screen grab a copy of your prescriptions but coming soon you will be able to download them into a PDF template.


Q: How do I connect/disconnect a co-dependent from my account?
A: In your app under the tap dependents you can see my prescriptions. Simply tap on the X beside the name of the person you want to disconnect. You can also ask your pharmacist to disconnect anyone connected to your account. Your participating pharmacy can connect anyone who has an account with us to your account.  


Q: My child is now over the age of 13 how do they take control of their own account?
A: In accordance with privacy regulations children over the age of 13 are considered mature minors. One (1) month before your child's birthday you will receive an email alerting you that access to your child's account will be discontinued. Your child is responsible for registering their own account at a participating pharmacy and they have the option to give access to their parent/guardian.


For Pharmacists

Q: How do I resend a verification email to a patient who has not verified their account within the 48hr time frame?
A: Contact Coming soon pharmacists will be able to resend verification emails from their dashboard.


Q: How do I send out a notification to my patients to remind them of pharmacy services (e.g. flu shot)?
A: Located in your pharmacy dashboard there is a communication tool that allows you contact all your end-users through email (it's important for end-users to opt in to these notifications in accordance Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.)


Q: How do I connect/disconnect a co-dependent from my patients account?
A: Go to manage accounts and search for your patient name. There you will see a list of depents and click the X by their name to disconnect. Please make sure you are working with Express Consent from the end user whenever connecting or disconnecting.


Q: If my patients are having trouble with the application who can we contact?
A: They can email us at for any inquiries.


Q: I have on-boarded new staff. How can they become familiar with the Your Health Report/Alpha Pharmacy dashboard.
A: If you require additional training please contact us at We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Training tutorials will be coming soon to your dashboard.


Q: How do we get the word out about the app?
A: We provide printable promotional materials such as bag stuffers, posters and app cards. These inexpensive handy tools can help out raise awareness about the app in your pharmacy. Social media is a great way to get the word out. We provide you with monthly curated content that you can copy and paste into your social media feeds. If you have creative ideas and would like to share contact us at