Medication Management - Getting Started


Your Health Report makes it easy to remember to take your medication.

When you opt-in to the medication management program for a selected chronic disease, your dose schedule is automatically populated and reminders will be sent according to your prescribed schedule. No more manual entry of a dose schedule. If your prescriber changes your medication, Your Health Report will recognize the new drug, set the new schedule and remove the old drug from your reminders. Your dose reminders are always up-to-date.

We are working hard to understand your day-to-day challenges and build an easy to use tool that can help you manage every day. We welcome your feedback on any of our programs, so please reach out to us anytime at

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Medication Management

Hi, I’m Luke and I live with Crohn’s Disease. The IBD medication management program helps me keep track of my prescription doses. The app reminds me when it’s time to take a dose and helps me monitor my adherence. If I miss too many doses, the app sends me an alert and lets me connect to my pharmacist. My life is busy and keeping my Crohn’s disease in remission is a big priority for me. This app helps me stay on track and ahead of the next flare. To learn more, watch this video or speak to a participating pharmacist.

Multi-Dose Vaccines

Medication Management

Hello, my name is Lola and I use the Your Health Report app to track my vaccines. The vaccine program sends me reminders when I’m due for vaccine doses to fully protect me. After each vaccine dose I receive information on side effects by email. When I’ve completed the vaccine program, my vaccine record remains in the app so I can reference it anytime. I can also manage my family members’ vaccines with the same app. To learn more about this program, watch this video or speak to a participating pharmacist.

Frequently Asked Questions

My pharmacist recommended this program to manage my vaccine doses when I filled the prescription. How do I get it?

Getting the vaccine program on your phone is easy:

  1. Download the app from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store;
  2. Register an account at Confirm your new account by your email within 48 hours of registering; 
  3. Stop by any participating pharmacy currently using Your Health Report ( and ask them to link your Health QR account;
  4. Fill your vaccine prescription and it should appear in your medication profile in the app.

Or, if you're just getting too many notifications telling you to take prescriptions, you can always turn them off by changing your Notifications preferences in your home view.

Can I use this program if I don’t have a smartphone?

Currently, the IBD and Vaccine program are not supported without a smartphone or tablet. However, you can still manage your medications through your laptop or desktop computer with our web application (

What should I do if the medication schedule in the app isn't correct?

Pressing the ‘Did we suggest a bad schedule’ button will notify our team if the schedule does not reflect your prescription and we will follow up with you. Our system mirrors that of your pharmacy, so any changes made there will be in the app. The app however does not support verbal changes to your prescription, only those on record at the pharmacy.

I no longer want to use the app to manage my doses. How do I unenroll from the program?

Unenroll anytime by pressing the Stop Program icon at the top left of the vaccine program page. A message will pop-up confirming whether you would like to stop tracking your doses.

How do I remove the vaccine notifications from the app?

To avoid getting notifications related to the vaccine program, go to the main Dashboard of your app and click ‘Notifications’. Here you can de-select the ‘Vaccine Reminder’ checkbox followed by ‘Update Notification Preferences’.

What if the vaccination date is wrong in the app?

Keep of a log of your dose dates for reference by changing the date of your injections. Press ‘Tap to Change’ located at the top of the Vaccine Program screen and choose the appropriate date you received your injection. All following dose reminders will be based on your injection dates.

What types of notifications will I receive in the app and/or by email?

The app will send notifications that will let you know:

  • when your next recommended dose is
  • what to expect after each dose
  • when to order your next refill
  • how much time is left until your next recommended dose
  • when you’ve missed doses