Medication Management - Getting Started

Medication Management


Your Health Report makes it easy to remember to take your medication.

When you opt-in to the medication management program for a selected chronic disease, your dose schedule is automatically populated and reminders will be sent according to your prescribed schedule. No more manual entry of a dose scheduled. If your prescriber changes your medication, Your Health Report will recognize the new drug, set the new schedule and remove the old drug from your reminders. Your dose reminders are always up to date.

We currently offer this feature for individuals who live with Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis however we are working on programs for Diabetes, Chronic Pain and Asthma that will be available in 2018.

We are working hard to understand your day-to-day challenges and build an easy to use tool that can help you manage every day. We welcome your feedback on the IBD program, reach out to us anytime at

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

How does this program work with the Your Health Report app?

Your Prescription view clearly labels your IBD medications and you can manage all of your IBD prescriptions using the Manage All view.

Prescription View and Manage All View

Using the Schedule view, your medication schedule is automatically configured according to your prescribed directions (e.g. take 1 tablet 2 times a day). You have to follow your prescribed schedule, but you can adjust the times of day you're taking your doses at any point. When you've picked times that work for you, press the Save button.

Schedule View

When it's time to take your dose, you'll get a notification on your device.

Device Notification

Open up that notification to indicate that you have taken, snoozed or missed your dose.

Take, Snooze or Miss a Dose

When you take your medication, you'll get a Bravo! message, that can tell you useful information about your prescription, or just be a bit of lighthearted fun.

Bravo! message

Your Dashboard view displays your adherence score and when your next dose is scheduled. You can also change missed doses to taken and vice-versa, in case you recorded some incorrect information.

Dashboard View

In your Tips view, you'll see tips created by gastroenterologists to help you live well with IBD. You can rate them a thumbs up if you find them useful for managing your condition, or a thumbs down if you don't.

Tips View

How do I unenroll from the program if it isn't a good fit for me?

This is a simple process and can be done or undone at any time if you change your mind. To unenroll, just follow these steps:

  1. From the prescription view, tap on the purple IBD button attached to the prescription you want to unenroll. Alternatively, use the Manage All view to select the prescription instead.
  2. Once in the prescription's dashboard view, tap the 9-dots icon in the top right hand corner, and choose Stop tracking Rx.
  3. A popup-will verify that you want to remove the prescription from the program. Tap OK to unenroll this prescription.
  4. To fully unenroll from the program, you have to repeat this process for each prescription in it.

Or, if you're just getting too many notifications telling you to take prescriptions, you can always turn them off by changing your Notifications preferences in your home view.

How do I re-enroll in the program if I unenrolled from it?

From your prescription view, tap the spinning gear in the top left corner and the program you want to re-enroll in. You can also use this gear to change programs if you're not enrolled in the correct one for your condition.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

You can reach us at Health QR by using the Support / Help page in your app or by emailing