Take Control

Putting your health in your hands.

Medical records are all too often not accessible or easy to understand by non-health care professionals. And, yet, you are the legal owner of your medical information. Your Health Report and a participating pharmacy put more of that information in your hands!


Take control by:

  • Being Prepared for the Unexpected
    Your up-to-date prescription history is critical information for emergency personnel. Your prescription history and health status are immediately accessible by you or your emergency contact via your mobile device.
  • Managing Your Family's Health
    Compile immunization records and prescription histories for young children and support elderly family members in the management of their prescriptions. Opt in to receive alerts and reminders for when it is time to book your medical prevention screening tests and appointments.
  • Staying Proactive No matter where in the world you travel or move, you will always have access to your most recent prescription information, enabling you to provide current prescription information to your new health care provider.


What are the odds?

Canadians make 16.2 million ER visits per year.

  • 1.8 million ER visits are due to adverse drug related events
  • 1.2 million are preventable
  • 500,000 are caused by non-adherence to medications


453 million prescriptions are filled each year in Canada. Annually:

  • 80% of Canadians will fill prescriptions.
  • 63% of seniors claimed to be on more than 5 different drugs.
  • 23% of seniors claimed to be on more than 10 different drugs.

Approximately half of seniors taking multiple medications report that they did not receive information from their physician on proper medication use and potential side effects.

Children will have 12 immunizations before the age of 6.


On the Go
The average person moves 11.7 times in their lifetime. Canadians are travelling more than ever, taking an estimated 29 million overnight trips a year.